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Handbook of Materials for Product Design

Handbook of Materials for Product Design

by: Charles A. Harper

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Stay ahead of the learning curve in the fast-evolving field of materials technology Need to come up with new product concepts? Do you select the materials and designs that make innovative ideas work,? Edited by Charles Harper, an internationally respected expert in materials technology, Handbook of Materials for Product Design is an indispensable asset to anyone involved in product creation. This unique reference can help you: *Generate ideas for new products * Specify expertly for robust, manufacturable, economical, customer-pleasing products * Compare options easily with plentiful data tables, charts, graphs, and illustrations * Cut costs and improve new product performance * Create unique materials with expert guidance * Find needed data on design, testing, specifications, standards, recyclability, and biodegradability

Table of Contents

Contributors xiii
Preface xi
Chapter 1. Ferrous Metals 1.1
1.1 Introduction 1.1
1.2 The Structure of Iron 1.2
1.3 Steelmaking 1.6
1.4 Carbon and Alloy Steels 1.11
1.5 Selection of Alloy Steels 1.29
1.6 Selection and Specification 1.43
1.7 Welding Ferrous Metals 1.61
1.8 Summary 1.91
References 1.92

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