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Turbomachinery: Design and Theory (Dekker Mechanical Engineering)

Turbomachinery: Design and Theory (Dekker Mechanical Engineering)

by: Rama S.R. Gorla, Aijaz A. Khan

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"Turbomachinery" presents the theory and design of turbomachines with step-by-step procedures and worked-out examples. This comprehensive reference emphasizes fundamental principles and construction guidelines for enclosed rotators and contains end-of-chapter problem and solution sets, design formulations, and equations for clear understanding of key aspects in machining function, selection, assembly, and construction. Offering a wide range of illustrative examples, the book evaluates the components of incompressible and compressible fluid flow machines and analyzes the kinematics and dynamics of turbomachines with valuable definitions, diagrams, and dimensionless parameters.

A basic knowledge of thermodynamics, fluid dynamics, and heat transfer is assumed. We have introduced the relevant concepts from these topics and reviewed them as applied to turbomachines in more detail. An introduction to dimensional analysis is included. We applied the basic principles to the study of hydraulic pumps, hydraulic turbines, centrifugal compressors and fans, axial flow compressors and fans, steam turbines, and axial flow and radial flow gas turbines. A brief discussion of cavitation in hydraulic machinery is presented.

Each chapter includes a large number of solved illustrative and design example problems. An intuitive and systematic approach is used in the solution of these example problems, with particular attention to the proper use of units, which will help students understand the subject matter easily. In addition, we have provided several exercise problems at the end of each chapter, which will allow students to gain more experience. We urge students to take these exercise problems seriously: they are designed to help students fully grasp each topic and to lead them toward a more concrete understanding and mastery of the techniques presented.

This book has been written in a straightforward and systematic manner, without including irrelevant details. Our goal is to offer an engineering textbook on turbomachinery that will be read by students with enthusiasm and interest— we have made special efforts to touch students’ minds and assist them in exploring the exciting subject matter.

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